How to Watch Live Football on Your Mobile?

We’ll show you that watching live football on your mobile can be very easy, you just need to know the right platforms for it.

In this guide, we will present various ways to watch exciting matches from La Liga, Copa del Rey, Premier League, Champions League, MLS, Liga MX, and many more directly on your mobile.

Optimize your experience with carefully selected websites and apps, specially developed to ensure seamless streaming on your mobile.


List of the Best Apps to Watch Live Football on Your Mobile

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Before we explore the apps to watch live football on your mobile, it’s important to talk about the need to diversify your options to cover all desired matches.

Unfortunately, there is no single platform that covers all events, making it essential to know various alternatives. This way, you can choose the one that will broadcast the match you want to watch live on your mobile.

Let’s now detail the main apps to enjoy live football on your mobile device:



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The renowned global streaming service offers a wide selection of high-definition matches from top European leagues, including Serie A and La Liga.

Always tuned in to the biggest competitions worldwide. Watch wherever and whenever you want; with a good internet connection, you’ll be able to watch all your games in high definition.


EI Plus:

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Access all content from Esporte Interativo, including live or on-demand broadcasts of the UEFA Champions League, La Liga, and many other championships worldwide.

Take advantage of the platform to stay informed about games, championships, behind-the-scenes of teams, the transfer market, and all the most relevant news about the football world.



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The ESPN app brings together features like updated information and Watch-ESPN with live broadcasts of sporting events. This is one of the most comprehensive options in terms of sports; there are many possibilities for you to follow.

Follow most of the world championships in the palm of your hand, all in a very simple way to watch; the platform is quite intuitive to find the channels.



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Highlighting Bundesliga matches, as well as providing complete access to information related to the global football scene.

Watch live matches, check tables, news, and highlights, all for free and very easily accessible on your mobile or any other device.


DirecTV GO:

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A comprehensive option for watching live matches online, offering access to virtually all sports cable channels. Access through your mobile, website, Chromecast, or Smart TVs to follow various international tournaments.

There are many sports you will have access to by subscribing to this streaming platform due to the enormous number of sports channels it provides.


Start Watching Live Football on Your Mobile


With these options of websites and apps, you will have all the necessary tools to follow your football team from anywhere.

Thank you for accompanying us so far! Our goal is to provide useful guidance on how to enjoy live football matches on your mobile, ensuring a complete experience anywhere.




  1. What are the best platforms to watch live football on your mobile? DAZN, EI Plus, ESPN, Onefootball, and DirecTV GO are some of the recommended platforms. Each one offers a variety of options to follow different leagues and competitions.
  2. Is there a single platform that covers all live football events? No, unfortunately, there is no single platform that covers all events. It is recommended to diversify options to ensure access to all desired matches.
  3. Can I watch in high definition using these platforms? Yes, several platforms, such as DAZN, offer high-definition broadcasts. However, a good internet connection is essential to ensure a seamless streaming experience.
  4. Can I watch games on different devices besides the mobile? Yes, many of these platforms, such as DirecTV GO, allow you to watch games not only on the mobile but also on websites, Chromecast, or Smart TVs.
  5. How to optimize my streaming experience on mobile devices? Make sure to have a good internet connection, close other background apps, and consider using headphones for an immersive experience.
  6. How do I start watching live football on my mobile? Choose one of the recommended platforms, download the corresponding app, follow the registration instructions, and start enjoying live matches on your mobile device.

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